Why Kodak Has Chosen ‘Microsoft Dynamics AX’

Kodak Alaris, founded in the year 2013 is an independent and global non-profit company that delivers and unseals the power of information and images through its digital scanners and very smart state-of-the-art software services. Company’s photographic, suite of consumer apps, film and printing kiosks enable consumers knock into the emotional intensity of the moments that describes all our lives. Though Kodak is an established company with revenue crossing $1.2 bn in the past couple of years, it wants to build first-class technology infrastructure for its company to support its business operations.

KPP, a UK-based Pension fund and a parent company at the starting of Kodak has identified an opportunity to deal with the current technology assets and launch a new business. Initiating a new business with an established company in motion drives the immediate need for designing infrastructure technology that pillars the business operations. As the company wants to start from scratch, they want to deploy a brand new, best of breed system and Microsoft Dynamics AX was the ultimate option for their ERP requirements, Microsoft Office 365 for productivity and taking Microsoft Azure cloud platform into consideration.

New Business Design For Long-Range Focus:

Most of the profit making businesses concentrate more on distributing quarterly returns to their shareholders, but Kodak is indifferent, it aims at long-term profits. This motto of kodak is a tough task and becomes difficult in selecting the effective software in building infrastructure technology. Kodak looks for a spirited system that would grow along with them, but not restrict the growth. In general, IT staff of any organization maintains the infrastructure as the company progresses- addressing issues by scripting custom-code fixes and managing technology updates that occur in the businesses processes and procedures and keep up the competitive edge in the market.

According to John Milazzo, CIO of the company, “Designing the entire new infrastructure from the ground up is altogether a new task for Kodak Alaris and their ERP solution would be the center stage for their IT landscape activities. With gartner’s research and a vigorous selection strategy, Kodak Alaris has picked Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure cloud platform to meet their business needs.

Custom-Code Fixes Enables Upgrades Cost-Restrictive:

In Kodak’s past experience, ERP implementation made company face upgrades challenges because of heavy customization process, needed lengthy modifications before going for customizations, complex way in custom code solutions and a cost incurred exercise.  After using MS Dynamics AX, Kodak has seen many advantages such as less time needed to custom-code fixes, simpler upgrade processes, and fewer issues to manage as Microsoft deploys updates for Dynamics AX and as a whole the complete process has become faster and smoother. As repeatability and predictability are the crucial factors for Kodak’s long-term goals, Kodak has planned for using LCS(LifeCycle Services) to handle their business processes and deployments, which makes Kodak indifferent.

Agile, Configurable and Flexible Software Provides Dexterity and Power :

Kodak always believes that they can find a better way in doing things. Using Microsoft Dynamics AX empowers such an integrated software system that aligns with the company’s predictions and delivers the best solution providing flexibility and agility to migrate to the future requirements of the organization. Kodak undergone Microsoft Dynamics Training and started Integrating individual(with MS Office 365) and business productivity(with MS Dynamics AX) with the strength of the Azure cloud platform, Kodak is on path to influence the important pillars of the MS cloud for the enterprise. The flexibility and scalability of Azure makes Kodak exciting and provides them the ability to capture the emerging trends in the market reducing TCO(Total Cost of Ownership).

A Doorway For The Future:

John Milazzo is confident that MS Dynamics AX, MS Office 365 and the Azure cloud technology supports and play a vital role in delivering cost-restrictive agility and flexibility, which are crucial for Kodak Alaris and their customers. Company also ensures to their customers that they will create innovative techniques in meeting their needs.


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