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Everything you should know about iTube

Everything you should know about iTube: it is the best video player and downloader as it provides you varieties of music and allows you to save the video in the cache of your mobile. It was first built on the android platform but now available on the different version of the smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac operating systems. It retrieves the music videos from the database of Daily motion, YouTube, and Vimeo. iTube can’t be directly installed on your device, you need to download the .APK latest version. Follow these steps, they will help you in installing the iTube:

  1. iTube App Download is some way tricky, it can’t be download directly from the store.
  2. Go to the setting->security-> enable the unknown source.
  3. Go to the site and download the .APK latest version (released in the August 2016)
  4. Install the .APK file into your device.
  5. Now you can download and install the iTube application on your phone.
  6. Get entertained while watching videos on this apps.

Best APK version for Android, iPhone, iPad

As the version of the Android varies, APK for that versions also varies. Now Android version 4.0 is running on the devices, so you should download the APK according to a particular version. Currently, APK 2.5 version is in the market that was launched in the August 2016. When you are going to install the APK it demand some permission from you, you should allow them and follow the above 6 steps to download the iTube application.

iTube for PC and Mac

iTube for the PC and Mac operating system has same functionality and features as in the smartphones Android tablets and so on. You also need to install the android emulator or blue stack to iTube on your PC. Then follow the same 6 steps mentioned above. You have to download the iTube APK PC  and on Mac OS via official sites. iTube gives you the advantage of managing the Playlist, searching videos, saving the videos and so on.

Fantastic features of iTube

The iTube was formally known as Play Tube, which was firstly built as the android application, but later on, it was introduced for the other platforms.

The Fantastic iTube allow you to search the desired video in the search bar. You can download and store the videos, shows, and movies to the cache of your mobile. It also provides the offline feature in which you can watch the videos without having access to the internet. All information will be stored in the cache and iTube accesses it from the cache.

The iTube also provide you to manage your own playlist, you can store the videos that you like more and can watch and access anytime anywhere you want without the internet. Basically, iTube is carrying videos from the database of the famous sites like YouTube, Daily motion, and Vimeo.

The iTube provide the facility of frame format conversion to its users, it can convert the MP4 or any other video formats to the audio formats like FLV, MP3 and so on. The iTube supports the video quality (free of cost) of 4K, 1080 pix, 720 pix.