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Everything you should know about iTube

Everything you should know about iTube: it is the best video player and downloader as it provides you varieties of music and allows you to save the video in the cache of your mobile. It was first built on the android platform but now available on the different version of the smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac operating systems. It retrieves the music videos from the database of Daily motion, YouTube, and Vimeo. iTube can’t be directly installed on your device, you need to download the .APK latest version. Follow these steps, they will help you in installing the iTube:

  1. iTube App Download is some way tricky, it can’t be download directly from the store.
  2. Go to the setting->security-> enable the unknown source.
  3. Go to the site and download the .APK latest version (released in the August 2016)
  4. Install the .APK file into your device.
  5. Now you can download and install the iTube application on your phone.
  6. Get entertained while watching videos on this apps.

Best APK version for Android, iPhone, iPad

As the version of the Android varies, APK for that versions also varies. Now Android version 4.0 is running on the devices, so you should download the APK according to a particular version. Currently, APK 2.5 version is in the market that was launched in the August 2016. When you are going to install the APK it demand some permission from you, you should allow them and follow the above 6 steps to download the iTube application.

iTube for PC and Mac

iTube for the PC and Mac operating system has same functionality and features as in the smartphones Android tablets and so on. You also need to install the android emulator or blue stack to iTube on your PC. Then follow the same 6 steps mentioned above. You have to download the iTube APK PC  and on Mac OS via official sites. iTube gives you the advantage of managing the Playlist, searching videos, saving the videos and so on.

Fantastic features of iTube

The iTube was formally known as Play Tube, which was firstly built as the android application, but later on, it was introduced for the other platforms.

The Fantastic iTube allow you to search the desired video in the search bar. You can download and store the videos, shows, and movies to the cache of your mobile. It also provides the offline feature in which you can watch the videos without having access to the internet. All information will be stored in the cache and iTube accesses it from the cache.

The iTube also provide you to manage your own playlist, you can store the videos that you like more and can watch and access anytime anywhere you want without the internet. Basically, iTube is carrying videos from the database of the famous sites like YouTube, Daily motion, and Vimeo.

The iTube provide the facility of frame format conversion to its users, it can convert the MP4 or any other video formats to the audio formats like FLV, MP3 and so on. The iTube supports the video quality (free of cost) of 4K, 1080 pix, 720 pix.

Why Kodak Has Chosen ‘Microsoft Dynamics AX’

Kodak Alaris, founded in the year 2013 is an independent and global non-profit company that delivers and unseals the power of information and images through its digital scanners and very smart state-of-the-art software services. Company’s photographic, suite of consumer apps, film and printing kiosks enable consumers knock into the emotional intensity of the moments that describes all our lives. Though Kodak is an established company with revenue crossing $1.2 bn in the past couple of years, it wants to build first-class technology infrastructure for its company to support its business operations.

KPP, a UK-based Pension fund and a parent company at the starting of Kodak has identified an opportunity to deal with the current technology assets and launch a new business. Initiating a new business with an established company in motion drives the immediate need for designing infrastructure technology that pillars the business operations. As the company wants to start from scratch, they want to deploy a brand new, best of breed system and Microsoft Dynamics AX was the ultimate option for their ERP requirements, Microsoft Office 365 for productivity and taking Microsoft Azure cloud platform into consideration.

New Business Design For Long-Range Focus:

Most of the profit making businesses concentrate more on distributing quarterly returns to their shareholders, but Kodak is indifferent, it aims at long-term profits. This motto of kodak is a tough task and becomes difficult in selecting the effective software in building infrastructure technology. Kodak looks for a spirited system that would grow along with them, but not restrict the growth. In general, IT staff of any organization maintains the infrastructure as the company progresses- addressing issues by scripting custom-code fixes and managing technology updates that occur in the businesses processes and procedures and keep up the competitive edge in the market.

According to John Milazzo, CIO of the company, “Designing the entire new infrastructure from the ground up is altogether a new task for Kodak Alaris and their ERP solution would be the center stage for their IT landscape activities. With gartner’s research and a vigorous selection strategy, Kodak Alaris has picked Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure cloud platform to meet their business needs.

Custom-Code Fixes Enables Upgrades Cost-Restrictive:

In Kodak’s past experience, ERP implementation made company face upgrades challenges because of heavy customization process, needed lengthy modifications before going for customizations, complex way in custom code solutions and a cost incurred exercise.  After using MS Dynamics AX, Kodak has seen many advantages such as less time needed to custom-code fixes, simpler upgrade processes, and fewer issues to manage as Microsoft deploys updates for Dynamics AX and as a whole the complete process has become faster and smoother. As repeatability and predictability are the crucial factors for Kodak’s long-term goals, Kodak has planned for using LCS(LifeCycle Services) to handle their business processes and deployments, which makes Kodak indifferent.

Agile, Configurable and Flexible Software Provides Dexterity and Power :

Kodak always believes that they can find a better way in doing things. Using Microsoft Dynamics AX empowers such an integrated software system that aligns with the company’s predictions and delivers the best solution providing flexibility and agility to migrate to the future requirements of the organization. Kodak undergone Microsoft Dynamics Training and started Integrating individual(with MS Office 365) and business productivity(with MS Dynamics AX) with the strength of the Azure cloud platform, Kodak is on path to influence the important pillars of the MS cloud for the enterprise. The flexibility and scalability of Azure makes Kodak exciting and provides them the ability to capture the emerging trends in the market reducing TCO(Total Cost of Ownership).

A Doorway For The Future:

John Milazzo is confident that MS Dynamics AX, MS Office 365 and the Azure cloud technology supports and play a vital role in delivering cost-restrictive agility and flexibility, which are crucial for Kodak Alaris and their customers. Company also ensures to their customers that they will create innovative techniques in meeting their needs.

Hairstyler App

Being a person, we as a whole know looking great is how much critical for every one of you. Whether it is the situation by gathering or meeting, everybody frets overlook and why not? Looks implies a considerable measure. The main thing that anyone would see in you is clearly your looks, identity and dressing sense. As it is well said, “Early introduction is the last impression”. In this way, why not inspire anyone with your method for holding yourself, with your looks. Probably, Personality is something that can make anybody giant or little. Individuals likewise recollect that you by your talking style, the state of mind, motivation and there additionally exist the method for a property for yourself. There are numerous applications in the Google Play Store and iPhone App Store, where you can explore diverse haircuts and chooses which would suit you.

Hairstyle Magic Mirror Change your look lite

Hairstyle Magic Mirror Change your look lite, permits you to try different things with numerous new and intriguing haircuts and loads of various shading varieties. Take a photo of your companions or your young lady and have a fabulous time to change their look. This astonishing application gives 100+ brightening things to include yours looks like gems, shades and so on and gives you a chance to contrast your old picture and another hairdo picture.

Accessible components:

  • Simple and clear interface
  • Lots of haircuts for both men and ladies
  • Lots of prepared shading choices and probability to make your own most loved shading
  • New capacity Mechs bolstered by all haircuts
  • 4 characters effectively prepared to utilize (2 male and 2 female)
  • Possibility to take a photograph or pick one from the library
  • Rotation apparatus for imported photographs
  • Sophisticated facial recognition framework
  • Possibility to enhance the last come about by dragging the grapple purposes of the hair
  • 20 memory cells to try different things with various haircuts and diverse hues on the double
  • Save the outcomes on telephone memory as pictures
  • Share your photographs on Facebook or by email

Fun application and it has settings to permit tweaking the haircut so it fits the face in your photo. There are loads of decisions in hair shading, yet few that are sensible decisions for changing your look. The hairdos are alright, yet the most complimenting ones must be “opened” and are not available. Generally 4 out of 5, not on account of it aided in attempting on hopes to choose a change, but since it’s amusing to play with. The application puts a white fog over the foundation which looks alright, however,  removes my neck and in some cases confronts; the fog is not utilized as a part of the resizing screen so it’s plainly redundant. The nature of the application is really great, you can unreservedly use around 15 styles and afterward need to pay for the rest in the event that you longing, it’s hard to arrange the hair styles to your face once in a while, and you need to continue modifying it pretty much every time you change the style.

Forex market platform and how it works?

The currency exchange current market (currency trading, Monetaries, or currency market) is naturally a international dispersed marketplace for the day trading of foreign exchange. Including all aspects of ordering, offering and selling traded at up to date or compiled prices. In relation to amount of transaction, it is undoubtedly so far the leading trade on earth. The primary herbal subjects with this current market are considered the larger sized international banks. Our world work as anchors of buying and selling between selections of multiple types of traders 24/7, aside from weekends. The forex market platform will not find the qualified morals of the different monitories, but forms the existing trade price of the benefit of one unit of currency as requested against another.


How Forex Market Works?

 The foreign exchange market works effectively via lending institutions, and it has developed on a variety of tiers. In support of images sand banks go to a slightly smaller array of economical firms named “vendors” that are actively involved in a lot of forex trading investments. Most forex trading merchants are banks, consequently this behind-the-scenes market is often known as “interbank trade”, regardless of the fact that few insurance firms and other various kinds of personal financial companies are involved. Skills between forex market platform can be the most significant, which involve many millions of euros. Because of the sovereignty concern when which involve two monitories, foreign exchange has little (if any) supervisory thing maintaining its actions.

 Forex Trading Turnover

 The FX trading business is the most cash rich fiscal trade on the earth. Speculators involve governments and focal banks, marketing banks, other institutional investors and financial institutions, forex speculators, other marketing labels, as well as individuals. The general routine income inside of the international forex trading and interrelated economies is continuously thriving. According to the year 2010 Triennial Principal Bank Investigation, engineered due to Lender for International Settlements, ordinary on a regular basis turnover was at US$3.98 trillion in April last year (compared to $1.7 (seven) trillion in 1998).In this three dollars.98 trillion, one dollar. Ten trillion was also spot trade and $ trillion appeared to be traded in unconditional direct, swaps, as well as other derivatives.

 How to get the best forex trading network

 Whether you desire to dabble among the foreign currency trading marketplaces or certainly are a tenacious currency trader, having the best foreign currency trading platform is vital for maximizing your desired profits. Here is how in comparing forex foreign money transaction rationales for the best bundle. In order to start trading currencies your first move will just be to research one of the best forex market platform on the web profile possible – here’s what you need to think about before applying to produce a foreign exchange account.

 What sort of membership is good for a person?

Decision of a foreign currency trading on the net membership is fairly in accordance to selecting an account which allows you invest in on how you want, and perhaps based upon uncovering the bank account that will actually permit you buy and sell for less.

 There are a number of several types of FX trading profile, as well as expand betting, investments stories and CFDs; knowing which the simple right account is for you is significant before you commence evaluating foreign exchange accounts.

 To be able to trade in a particular foreign exchange then it also makes sense to effectively take away forex currency buying and selling sites that do not include your chosen foreign money to rescue you time in the grand scheme of things.

 Several reports will include all of the chief international online, however if you desire to trade in a very more compact national money it could be more like a concern before committing saved money remember to be aware that the forex record experiences the unit of currency which you mean on trading.


7 Best Caller Id Apps for Android

In this period of contemporary technology, almost all people owns a cellular telephone. This has significantly improved the general quantity of contacts someone has on his cellphone. However sometimes you cannot identify the caller whilst that smartphone range isn’t always stored in your contacts.

You gained’t recognize whether that is a friend in need or only a creepy stalker. Consequently to prevent from the misery of finding out whether or not to wait the call from an unknown number or not we’ve got listed down the best caller id apps that you may download on your phones right away and discover who is the character at the back of the mysterious call. Permit’s begin then.

  1. HD full-display caller identification

    This free caller identity app has the high-quality interface inside the complete wide international of caller identity apps. It provides a complete HD complete-display screen caller identification photo at the side of the ability to keep as much as 500 contacts virtually freed from fee. That is a really perfect app for someone who desires to discover incoming/outgoing calls, ignored calls and textual content messages with only a full-display caller id photograph. Remember that you’ll have to use HD photos on your contacts a good way to keep away from blurry photographs.

  2. Truecaller

    It is one superb caller identity app. With over forty million downloads and 40,000 rankings, it could cater the desires of both caller identity and get in touch with blocking off. Be it any smartphone name coming from any a part of the sector, this caller identification app will now not best offer you with the call of the caller however additionally the us of a from wherein the decision is coming. How remarkable is that? The app does additionally enable you to recognize while your recognised contacts are loose to speak so one can let you have an final calling experience.

  3. TalkSide

    This thoughts-blowing free caller identity app no longer handiest offers a full-screen caller identification but additionally provides crucial statistics of your caller from more than one sites which include facebook, latest pics, birthday reminders and many others so you recognize all the crucial statistics beforehand. With the context and heritage records that TalkSide provides to your calls, you may make an informed decision whether or no longer you’d like to choose up the call.

  4. CIA

    The caller identity app (CIA) gives a complete profile of any unknown caller consisting of name, deal with, social community profiles and so forth in your display screen even as you’re deciding to obtain the decision or simply block it proper away. That is one of the high-quality caller identification apps for android out there because it enables you to recognise whether or not the caller is a enterprise or a personal number. With a database of 1.5 billion numbers international, it’s far highly unlikely that CIA will fail to discover your caller.

  5. Contactive

    This caller identification app will will let you identify the unknown caller identification by amassing data from numerous websites inclusive of Yelp, social media profiles and Contactive personal worldwide listing of over six hundred million names. You could also create and use the App’s clever deal with book and it will also create a “cheat sheet” for you of your touch’s trendy updates.

    Very cool, eh? With lots of happy android customers already, you could make sure that Contactive isn’t going to disappoint you in besides.

  6. Contemporary

    This caller identity app is an all-in-one kind of deal. Now not simplest will it can help you perceive unknown callers or texters however will also offer climate and social media updates for regarded contacts in your android. It become chosen as one of the quality 50 high-quality Android Apps in 2012. You must have it for your cellphone due to the fact this app is a life-more secur

  7. CallApp

    Another addition to our of 10 first-rate caller identity apps is CallApp. This caller identity app for android presents both caller identification and phone blocking services to its customers consequently if you want to block a person you recognize or don’t recognize then this is the app you have to have.

    CallApp is one of the most complete apps accessible which have recognized over a billion of unknown callers and provide updates from your known contacts. This user-friendly app has gained many awards and is included with over 60 assets and helps more than 2 hundred nations.

Cloud Management Platforms

Cloud management platforms are integrated products that provide for the management of public, private and hybrid cloud environments. The minimum requirements to be included in this category are products that incorporate self-service interfaces, provision system images, enable metering and billing, and provide for some degree of workload optimization through established policies. More-advanced offerings may also integrate with external enterprise management systems, include service catalogs, support the configuration of storage and network resources, allow for enhanced resource management via service governors and provide advanced monitoring for improved “guest” performance and availability.

One of the top cloud management platform is discussed below:

Different constituencies need different things. Implementing a regulated, standardized process empowers Cloud owners to address all of these often conflicting needs. Scalr builds a hierarchical process where all provisioning goes through a layer of policy. The Policy layer covers cost management, orchestration, integrations to other tools, permissions, security and placement – developers are then free to operate within the boundaries of their policy, without the risk of violating it.

  1. Financial Policy:
    Scalr provides application-level visibility into cloud spend as well as budgeting tools and reports. Create and enforce financial policies, push financial responsibility across the organization, and communicate the financial consequence of cloud infrastructure to end-users.
  2. Sprawl Prevention:
    Don’t be limited to setting budgets. Set up guardrails that prevent over-provisioning and ensure that applications don’t outlive their assigned leases.
  3. Auto Clean-up:
    Automate waste reduction across your Multi-Cloud environment. Don’t wait until cost is incurred for unused resources, leverage preventative policies that keep needless spend from accumulating.
  • Single Pane of Glass: End-users interact with a single UI and a single API to consume multiple Cloud platforms and services in a repeatable manner.
  • Self-Service:  Deliver Cloud in a self-service model that bundles in all the policies and automation required to streamline user experience. Free developers from red-tape and bureaucracy and empowered them to become 10x more productive – within management’s desired capacity and budget limits.
  • Integrated Development Workflows: Build customized workflows that allow developers to push changes to production with confidence. Drive high-performance engineering teams by tying Scalr’s policy-protected workflows into CI/CD pipelines.
  • Auditable Code: As Scalr’s core product is Open Source you are free to submit the source code to audits and inspections.
  • Preventative Controls: Scalr provides context-aware preventative controls that are part of the Cloud provisioning workflow. Set policies for workload placement, to ensure compliance, and more. Good policies clean up messes, great policies prevent them.
  • Hierarchical Policy Enforcement: Scalr’s hierarchical paradigm allows for top-down policy enforcement. Define company policies at a corporate level and have them enforced from the BU to the project.
  • Pluggable: Scalr’s approach does not force administrators to use proprietary features, but encourages integration with existing systems. Integrate tools such as ServiceNow, Chef, Puppet, or others and build a flow that works for you.
  • Abstracted: Leverage Scalr’s API abstraction layer to make in-house skills more portable as you provision and enforce policy on different Clouds through a single standardized process.
  • Open Source: Scalr is open source and supported by thousands of community members by this famous Cloud management platforms… When we say no vendor lock-in we mean no vendor lock-in, not even to Scalr.

Listen Radio Streaming

music live stream radio music button icon or listen live on air broadcasting songs program

Public radio over the Internet is growing day after day. All this is due to the shift in consumer behavior, becomes as regular radios for online streaming radio on their computers and handheld devices, appliances and smartphones. The use of radio advertising more efficient and economical line compared to what digital advertising. Advertisers are eager to place a special brand with many online music flow properties. There are many reasons for this.

Advertisers to link their products with a certain type of music or artist. Radio Online The other reason could be paid adds can not jump compared adds television. People can not be avoided. According to a survey conducted in the United States, the number of flags radio over the Internet rose to $ 147 million. And will continue to increase for several years. Due to an increase in online radio audience, and landscapes of revenue a day after many radio services increasing day by offering online advertising for free and reduced fees for the IPO.

music live stream radio music button icon or listen live on air broadcasting songs program

Some obstacles in radio ads

Remember that most online listen radio streaming aimed dollars that come from advertising and very small percentage they get from subscription fees. The biggest hurdle involved in the radio ad online is that online radio streaming makes possible channels flags. It will be allowed to listen to the radio over the Internet without advertising. And after spending money to participate, they do not carry as many ads. Another obstacle is the online radio services face many challenges and spend a lot of money to get a license. To remove these obstacles radio services on the Internet must function effectively with vendors and have to increase their audience.

More people care about Radio Online

Internet radio is one of the most mutual media forms than ever before. Attention is rather orders TV, a movie or a book. The reason behind this is that you can listen to it while doing other activities. I like listening to music than any other activity in their spare time. Remember that there is a distinction. There are two types of banners online radio. Lie on your back and then radio listeners lean forward to go online. Lean back listeners here through music playlist or other stations, while listeners used to lean forward to listen to individual songs. According to an opinion poll that a third of the US use their smartphones for streaming online radio.

Does Lucrosa software really work?

Some few years back, fake trading software almost didn’t exist. But then previously, they began developing so much and every now and then fake trading software’s are being launched in the market which then brings us to a new binary options trading scam, Lucrosa software. So the information we gathered tells us that Lucrosa Auto Trader Software is basically made by a person named John Lucrosa. He is also the owner of Lucrosa Incorporated, a binary trading company based in London. Thus, in this Lucrosa software review, we will expose the truth behind the Lucrosa Software.

Why Lucrosa Software is a scam?
Before we tell anything, it would be good to highlighting that the Lucrosa Software was launched on 24th July, 2016. They are using email marketing strategy to attract users so if you ever get such type of emails, then we recommend you to do a little bit research before doing anything or taking further steps.
Now the point is like all of the fake trading softwares on the internet, Lucrosa Software includes a video which starts when the site loads. The video starts automatically, which is a sign that the site wants your attention to be drawn to the whole video.
When the video continues to play, a man is seen who starts with saying “do you want to make over $7000 a day?” And that person also says that not only you will be able to make $7000 per day but also for every single day for the rest of your life. All the things surely sound great. Thus, actually, that doesn’t happen until or unless you become a binary options trading guru or you do work with a group of experts of binary options trading. He then says that you will earn $600 for seeing his whole video and he continues to say that each member of the software earns about $600 in around an hour and also millions of dollars each year. He later describes himself as John Lucrosa, who was recently a fund manager.

As the video continues to play, he goes on with his big lies, but this time, he raises the level and tells that the person who’ll be signing up today will have $7051 transferred to their account by around tomorrow.
Now before watching the video more, we advise you to stop seeing the 25 minutes long video just because by the end of this video, you won’t get $600, which Mr. John promised, and you will not also get any demo of how the software works. All you will watch in the video is paid actors and their lies. Actually, scripted lies! And the answer to why are we saying that can be found in a while.

Is John Lucrosa Real?
Well, the person in the video describes himself as John Lucrosa and also says that he is the owner of Lucrosa Incorporated. Furthermore, he also says that he is a well-known man in this industry, but in reality, neither does John Lucrosa exist or does the company. That’s why we said in the beginning, they are paid actors. We tried so much to find even a single information about him and his company. If he is actually a well-known person then why there’s not any information about him on sites like Forbes or other popular magazines? It all shows that only one thing that John Lucrosa isn’t real, he is a paid actor.
So, that means that the whole Lucrosa Software is a scam! We advise you to please not download it.

3D Architectural Rendering

3D Architectural Rendering is the art of making three-dimensional images which shows all the attributes of a particular proposed architectural design. The images which are produced using computer 3D modeling software for the purpose of presentation are called “Computer Generated Renderings”, the techniques of which may vary. Simple, flat images or plain image shadows are created using some models while others allow the making of just simple flat images.

Real Estates make great use of 3D renderings, because the software hugely helps in making decisions related to the design of the building before it is constructed in real, which aids in removing flaws, defects or any changes you might want to make before execution of the construction of the building.


One such company that has been in the area of 3D architectural rendering is Vrender that has been doing this business since 12 years. Explaining the concept of 3D rendering further, the thing which basically is being done here is that the newest available digital technology is used to make 3D animations of various assets so that they appear realistic. You get to see your idea presented in a “3D manner” so that you can get the chance to see how it would appear when you actually execute it in real life.

A person’s creative imagination of a structure or building is turned into a model of 3D animation, so that before you actually start constructing the building, you can realize the amount of landscaping as well as lighting you will require, along with the materials. This would save you from a lot of trouble which you otherwise might get to face if you did not have a proper plan.

All of this stuff is done by a team of professionals, so that you get your best experience.

Aptoide APK Review – Best Google Play Store

Aptoide is a wonderful app which is available for Android devices. It allows you to download paid apps without paying a single penny means you can get all of you favorite paid apps for free. Aptoide is actually a marketplace of apps just like Google Playstore But on Aptoide store you will get all the apps for free. The thing which I like about Aptoide is that it not only contains the apps and games from Playstore but it also has some of its own and they are great too.

Now you guys must be thinking that Aptoide might put your device’s security at risk. Well you’re totally wrong because Aptoide is even safer than Google Playstore. Aptoide is becoming really famous among Android users and its users are still growing day by day.

Google Playstore

Aptoide APK is also available in 7 various languages so no matter where you are from you can still easily use this app. You guys might have used other Android app stores that let’s you download paid apps for free but most of them comes with viruses that kinda ruins your Android device. But with Aptoide you don’t have to worry about it because all the apps and games which are present in store are scanned and 100% safe for users.

After Google Playstore, Aptoide is the largest marketplace of games and apps. It has around 4 million active users and about 700 million downloads.

If you want to download Aptoide for your Android device then you have to do it manually because it has been removed from the Google Playstore for the violation of their terms. Aptoide is a really safe and secure apps marketplace I’ve ever seen and they also have a certificate program that keeps an eye on all of their apps.

Aptoide app is also available on Nokia stores so if you’re a Nokia smartphone user then you can also download this app and enjoy tons of free apps. It is also really famous among Nokia users because it allows them to download and enjoy Android apps on their device. Another great thing which I love about Aptoide is that it doesn’t need any Play services to run the apps. So even if you don’t have Google Playstore on your smartphone you can still enjoy Aptoide app on your device.

It not only allows you to download paid apps for free but if you’re an app developer than you can earn some serious money from it too. Aptoide pays higher to app developers than Google Playstore, they pay 75% of the revenue generated from your app or game while Google only pays 70% so that’s like 5% more profit. If you want then you can get Aptoide Download link here.

Aptoide is a really nice and great app store and is way better than Google Playstore. So if you haven’t download it yet then what are you waiting for? Go download it now! Believe me you won’t regret it.

So that was our review of Aptoide app. I hope you liked it and if you did then don’t forget to share it with the world.