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Pet friendly hotel: a holiday with your dog

If you live in a city and you have a little time to take out the dog, it is the moment to go on vacation together! Even your furry friends suffer from the fast pace of everyday life, and they are affected by your absence while you are at work all day long. Sharing the holiday with your dog is good for you and the pet as well, and you will attend together new places as a new experience.

Booking at a pet friendly hotel like La Pieve Marsina your will have everything you need for a holiday with your dog. The hotel is located in a little town near to Siena, from which you can contemplate the typical landscape of Tuscany made of nice hills.

La Pieve Marsina is formed by different medieval buildings surrounded by a lovely garden. The breakfast is served every morning in the spacious terrace and in summer you can enjoy the wonderful pool. The hotel offer five flats with panoramic view, wooden roofs and country style furniture. In the living room you will enjoy the fireplace and take a chat with other guests and the nice owner.

In a few minutes form your hotel you can visit the amazing city of Siena. Its old town center is Unesco World Heritage for being one of the best preserved historic centers. Go for a walk on Piazza del Campo, with Palazzo Comunale and Torre del Mangia. Every year the square is the teather of the Palio, the famous horse ride, however every day you will enjoy these beautiful ancient palaces and the stunning landscape of the city.

Marche is other region in the center of Italy that shows all its beauty in the countryside. Il Casale del Duca is a pet friendly hotel near to Urbino.

The hotel has five rooms with elegant furniture and decorations. All the rooms of the building are bright, spacious and airy, some of them have a fireplace. The owner will prepare your breakfast every day with local healthy ingredients.

This is a perfect pet friendly hotel because you will have many trails to walk around with your dog, while admiring the landscape and breathing clean and fresh air. The hotel is always open all year round so you can enjoy your holiday in every season.

If you visit Urbino you will discover the heart of the Italian Renaissance, and Unesco World Heritage. Palazzo Ducale is an example of Renaissance architecture. Now houses the National Gallery of Marche, musical events, and exhibitions. Here you can see some paintings masterpieces of Raffaello and Piero della Francesca. Moreover you can visit the Cathedral of Saint Mary, the medieval walls of Urbino with their gates, the monument of Raffaello.

You don’t need to leave at home your loved pets. Choose a pet friendly hotel that is available in many areas in Italy. Ask to the owners any detail or need you can have and book your holiday in an easy way!

Service dog at your service

Service dog at your service

Service dog is a dog that helps and guides people who are physically disabled; this includes people with hearing disability, mental sickness, paralysis and visual impairment. Dogs like these are trained for this purpose; Labradors, German shepherd, Golden retriever are the preferred breed of dogs that are used as service dog. There are different dogs for different disabilities; for blind there are dogs that are especially trained “seeing eye dogs” and for those who are deaf there are dogs specially trained to hear the traffic, door bell ringing and footsteps of someone approaching.

There are various types of service dogs like the following:

  • Guide dogs- These dogs help in leading the way; in crossing streets, in passing through dpprs and in using elevators and escalators.
  • Hearing ear dogs- Such dogs help in alerting their owners of various sounds like the telephone, smoke, alarms, crying of the baby, door bells, knock of the door, sirens, timers etc.
  • Mobility dogs- These dogs help in assisting people who cannot move around, those who have problems like paralysis and sclerosis. Some of them even know how to open and close drawers, wash and dry clothes and also help in shopping for home items.
  • Seizure alert dogs- These dogs are trained to sense some kind of a change before the seizure. This gives the owner time to prepare for such a situation.
  • Parkinson’s helper’s dogs- In this disease a person’s feet freeze so they are unable to stand or move; in such a case these dogs help the person move by moving hand on the feet.
  • Emotional support dogs- The support that they give their owner inspires their owners to improve and get well soon.

Tasks performed by these dogs

These dogs are properly trained to do specific tasks that a disabled person can’t do like:

  • Help in balancing them on the stairs.
  • Assistance in standing and sitting.
  • Giving medicines.
  • Reminding the disabled person to have medicine.
  • Getting water so that they can take the medicine.
  • Waking up and acting as an alarm to the disabled one.
  • They stay alert in the case if there is a smoke alarm.
  • Ringing up the emergency number in case of need.

Service dogs are well trained to perform these tasks so that they prove to be helpful to their disabled owner. It takes about a year or two for training these dogs. Service dogs prove to be an emotional support and strength to the ones who have lost hope in life and are living in despair. Such dogs indeed act as a best friend to their owner as they are always there for them whenever need. A lot of care and patience is involved in training a dog because it is this dog that is going to take care of the safety and security of the owner. A service dog has to be gentle, well mannered and reliable, then only he provides emotional support to the owner.

 Service dog at your service