7 Things to do and see in Bridgend County, Wales

Just two and a half drive from central London, Bridgend County is one of Europe’s prominent tourist spots, known for its surfing sites, magnificent beaches, delectable local dishes, dramatic landscapes, and not to mention the nightlife. If you really on for some real fun and excitement, then this place has got the right ingredients to make you feel pampered before you get on the return flight.

Stroll down to explore the top 7 things to do in this part of the world:

  1.    Cycle ride from peak to beach

What is it? Go up high in the Mountainair terrain of Wales, the Welsh valley. And, there is the Darren fawn mountain cycling trail, presenting its tourist’s a stimulating bike ride in the backdrop of a magnificent surrounding. This cycling journey is composed of Garw valley, Marw valley, and the most awaited part, peak to beach down the hill ride.

  1.    Discover the stories of the nature keepers

If you have school going kids in your group, your youngster will surely learn a lot of new stories in the Nature keepers’ quest.  There are total 14 keepers which are positioned throughout the coastal valleys, and the most attractive part these sculptures can come to life with videos, through a specified mobile app.

  1.    Follow the footsteps of Hollywood stars


Plan a day at the mighty Merthyr Mawr sand dunes, which was picturised as the Arabian Desert in a smash hit Oscar winning Hollywood motion picture ” Lawrence of Arabia ”, and hosted the shooting of “Doctor Who and Torchwood”.

  1.    Surfing

There is no better place to surf, than here, Bridgend County. This region features some of the hottest surf breaks which are bound to keep your adrenaline in rush while you surf through the tides.

  1.    Roam around the Wales Coast Path


This coastal trail stretches right around from the central Wales, but Bridgend offer some of this journey’s most exceptional landscapes. Furthermore, along the way enthusiastically take part in activities such as water sports at the award winning spot, the rest bay, or head to the sands of Ogmore, and here you will get a prospect to plot a route through stepping stones in a river to witness the real beauty, the Ogmore Castle.

  1.    The Porthcawl Carnival

This is a free charity event celebrated to raise funds for the needy people. In this street party, local performer groups beautify their floats, and locals are entertained along the journey with Pre-Hee Men prehistoric street artists, such as Seren Arabic, and Sapphires Marching Band.

  1.    Vintage car show

Are you crazy about royal, old cars, from the golden era of 50’s and 60’s? Then, you need to pay a visit to Bridgend town center in order to witness classy models of Jaguars, Rovers, Fords, MG’s, etc. And, not to get, the Harley Davidson and Honda motorbikes Plus, you get an opportunity to see old police cars, and fire engines.

After reading the above things to do, you might develop a craze for visiting this town on your next summer vacation.  So, why wait, go online and book your flights and accommodation, and grab get best travel discount deals with your travel coupons.


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