Chris Oyakhilome Preaches the Anointed Word

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome inspires millions through his broadcasts

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome D. Sc., D. D., is a Nigerian born Minister and television host who can be heard all over the world. He has a television ministry that broadcasts to tens of millions worldwide. He is a theologian and has received honorary doctorate degrees for his work spreading the word and gospel of God. He is a noted author of the bestselling book "Rhapsody of Realities", which is a daily devotional distributed in many countries. Chris Oyakhilome has also written several other books for which he has received honors. He is the founding President of the Believers Love World Nation which is headquartered in Lagos at the Christ Embassy Mission Center.

Preaching and teaching the Word of God

At Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome opened a school for children, a refuge for seniors and a place to pray for many people. At the Embassy, special attention is given to the children so that they will grow up healthy. They are taught about cleanliness as it pertains to the water and overall hygiene. He reaches out through his teaching ministry and his healing ministry. He tells all of his listeners about the Word of God and how only through Christ are all things possible. His goal is to bring all souls to Christ by way of salvation. Pastor Chris broadcasts his television ministry programs over fifty countries and can be heard day or night. He recently launched a new religious television station based in the United States. This television station offers sermons, singing, praise and worship, talk show, and open forum with a question and answer segment. Pastor Chris will also invite other ministers regularly to give the Word or join in round table discussions. The television show is based in California and broadcast worldwide.

The 2017 Haven event

This year, 2017, Pastor Chris and delegates from the Haven Nation held the large awaited convention at the Embassy Mission Center in Lagos. There were members, delegates and worshipers from all over the world. This has been hailed as the largest convention to date, and a huge success. People were revitalized, souls were saved, and the healing of God was taking place. There was praise, talk shows and testimonies. People were crying, wailing and praying for the mercies of God to fall upon them. Everyone was attentive as they listened to the various ministers. Special sessions were conducted by Pastor Chris. All attendees were anticipating better days to come. This event was broadcast live over the airways of the television station. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is very jubilant about the work that he does for God. He has dedicated the last three decades of his lif to being a diligent servant for the Lord. The Christ Embassy Mission Center in Nigeria is a fortress of love for all of the inhabitants and to those who visit the nation. It is a source of peace and tranquility to those in need of a inner sanctuary. Pastor Chris makes his events an exciting, motivational and rewarding experience for all who attend and to all who listen to the broadcasts. Check your local cable listings for dates, times and channels for Chris Oyakhilome and be inspired by his exuberating messages from the Word of God, his effective teaching and his exciting broadcasts.


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